måndag 6 augusti 2012


"I really enjoy your blog! even though my mother is from sweden I do not understand every single word in sdwedish, because I was born in UK. So is it possible if you would do your posts in english? a lot of bloggers do this bilingual thing, like one post in swedish and one in english! I'm convinced that not only me, but any other follower of you from all over the world would appreciate it!

keep it up my dear!!! :-)

Matilda S."

And of course i can do that! From now on.

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  1. Hey Emelie :-) I was pleasantly surprised finding my comment in one of your current posts! Not to sound cheesy, but I feel kind of honoured!!! ;-) Thank you so much for being so kind and especially for sharing your daily life with us!

    Matilda S.