söndag 12 augusti 2012

Wouldn't say no to look like her.

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  1. Hey Emelie,

    I think the pink dip-dye-look suits you very well! But I'm convinced that blue would look pretty on you as well! But as you can see on the picture, blue will turn into green...I don't know if green would still content you...just give it a shot ;) Actually every colour would suit you! But I think if you dye your complete hair in pink, as you mentioned once in a post, you'll be bored of the colour and the look! So dip dying is a good thing, cause it does not ruins your whole hair! Plus if you're sick of the colour (which you'll certainly be after a while) you'll get rid of it much easier as if your whole hair is dyed. The the fact that you can change the colour more often and you do not have to wait that long till the colour outgrows is also an advantage when it comes to dip dying!!!

    Love your blog sooooo much!!! :-)
    (as you already know...)

    Matilda S.